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Story-Sharing and Resources to Change the Narrative around Outdoor Access

Whether in a natural or urban park, hiking along a trail in the Santa Monica Mountains or on walking in your neighborhood, the habitat and environment that surrounds us can be inspirational, healing, communicative, beautiful, and nourishing. 


CNC provides resources that seek to communicate a variety of perspectives that highlight the importance of being outside; make visible nature services; show the interconnectedness of the flora, fauna, and habitat; and elevate the mental and physical health benefits of having access to public spaces, time to commune in these spaces, and to share your experience.


How we experience, commune, and understand nature guides our caring for it.   


A creative space for CNC staff to share cultural, personal, social, educational, and political perspectives, thoughts, and experiences related to the outdoors.  


Want the current information on CNC program events, job opportunities, and outdoor activities in LA. Then click here for links to IG, YT, and TT.

Want more in-depth coverage of CNC programs, uplifting Indigenous culture, spotlight on outdoor sites, and member experiences. 


Curiosity is what makes life interesting. This section is meant to support that act. Below are buttons that can link you to various communication mediums on topics related to outdoor experiences, camping, nature, hikes, and so much more. If interested, then you should click it. You might find something that enthralls you.  

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